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Solutions We Offer

We provide a variety of products and services to enhance your company's online presence!

Sites & Branding

Our tailored websites are mobile & search engine optimized. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their site captures the essence and originality of their brand, while making sure it’s properly advertised to be seen by their ideal customers!

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Client Registration & Forms

Our team of software developers have created an online solution to client registration with our web application (also called Fiiber). Build custom workflows, allowing you to filter customer info, create editable forms, accept and manage payments and more.

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IT Services

Fiiber is proud to offer a Personalized IT Experience to our clients! Our team can provide on-call, friendly and knowledgable assistance on a wide range of IT issues! The Fiiber team is here to help!

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What Our Customers Say

See what some of our excellent customers have said about their experience working with Fiiber!

I 100% recommend!! They are AMAZING! And I can't recommend them enough! They are so easy to deal with and they listen to your vision. If you are looking for a company to do your website, but don't want a cookie cutter site, then Fiiber is your company. I didn't have any experience with websites and had no idea what it entailed and the Fiiber team made it so easy and explained everything! They took the time to get to know me and my business! I now have the most beautiful website that I get props for all the time. 100% worth everything!!
Amber Pushie
Amber Pushie Sleep Consulting
So happy with our website, that Fiiber created. I recommend this company whole heartedly. These young men do amazing work and definitely know what they are doing. The customer service is amazing too. Give them a try... You wont be sorry! 👍🏻
Chris Eklof
Camp'n Class RV Park
I've had an excellent experience working with Fiiber to get my companies website running the way I wanted it with all the options and conveniences my customers expect. They are fast, professional and affordable. Most of all they listened to my ideas and did their best to make it happen. If you are a small business owner or anyone else that requires a custom designed website I would highly recommend you get Fiiber to build it for you!
Lucas Jensen
Chop Shop Physiques
Easy to deal with and knowledgeable, listens to and accommodates website ideas in an understandable way. Very fast to respond to requests. A pleasure to work with them.
Bruce England
Gas Pumps Plus More

Frequently asked questions

At Fiiber, we receive questions regarding websites, Google rankings, email troubles and more. If you have an internet related question, give us a shout, free of charge!

How long does it take for a site to be built?

Typically, we can have a site completely launched and ready to go in 1 -2 weeks. Things like page quantity, website size, and most commonly, the time it takes for clients to send in their content, can add development time. That said, customers in need of a site ASAP can make a priority request and we can aim to hit any important deadline!

How much should I pay for my website?

Websites can reasonably range anywhere from $500 - $10,000+ depending on where you get it developed, and your expectation of the quality. Like purchasing art, some artists can paint you a picture very quickly and charge you very little that you can still hang on your wall. While notorious, professional artists will likely charge 10x as much for a much higher quality version.

As both everyday consumers and developers, we aim to be as reasonably priced as possible and service any project no matter the budget. We've done projects for both previously mentioned price points, but the quality would is indistinguishable. Talk to us today, tell us your goals with both your site and budget, and we can flex to fit almost anything!

I'm not ranking well in Google...

This is perhaps the most common line of questioning we receive. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very difficult thing to explain to someone without an intermediate or better understanding of browser competition, but here is the jidst of it!

*Whether your a customer of us or not, if you'd like a detailed explanation of SEO, please give us a shout and we'd be more than happy to talk it through!

For the purpose of this small website box, here is a very limited exploration of proper SEO:

High search rankings are largely built by focusing on three major categories: Credibility, Traffic and Referral. Or in other words, proper site security (and sucking up to Google and other major web browsers), a large number of website visitors, and as many links from outside sources as possible. For new and existing sites, these are pivotal attributes to listing highly in the categories you'd like on Google.

What is Fiiber Registration?

Fiiber Registration is our flagship product and web application that shares our namesake.

The goal with Fiiber Registration is to revolutionize the way organizations can collect and manage their customer information! Our platform is designed to streamline the workflow of a multitude of different companies by allowing dynamic creation of custom forms, the sale of products and subscriptions through a secure checkout, and the tracking of the corresponding information in an easy to use, multi-filterable database.